Attorney Wayne D. Corry has a proven track record in securing early
termination of probation. Additionally, we handle all Violation of
Probation/Community Control (house arrest) cases. Services include a
complete array of motions to modify conditions of probation/community

Motions for Early Termination

Donít spend one extra day on probation when a legal motion can get you
off of it.

Motions to convert community control to probation
You can go from house arrest to reporting just once per month and have
no more daily schedules!

Motions to convert to non-reporting (administrative) probation
Thereís no more reporting fees, and no need to report to an officer. Best
of all, the terms of probation cannot be violated (unless you are
re-arrested for a new offense).

Motions for in-court surrender on violations of probation
If a warrant has been issued (or if you believe one is about to be) you
can avoid going to jail and then being forced to wait in jail a week or
more for a hearing.

Motions to transfer probation
You can be granted permission to move out-of-state or to a different

Motions to waive costs of supervision

Youíll save money and never have to worry about receiving a violation for
financial hardship.

Motions to set bond/pre-trial release on violation of probation
You wonít be required to wait in jail for a final hearing on your probation

ONE LOW FEE includes all attorney court appearances. With Attorney
Wayne D. Corry, youíll never pay any additional attorney fees.