Hearings in this court (sometimes called Magistrate’s
) are held 365 days per year for felony and
misdemeanor charges.

At this crucial hearing the standard or “scheduled”
bond amount can be reduced or eliminated completely
by release on recognizance. That means you don’t
have to post any money for bond or acceptance into a
pre-trial release program.

First court appearance for domestic violence cases
(felony and misdemeanor) are generally handled on a
special docket. In these types of cases, bond is often
set higher (or denied entirely) but this can be avoided
with the assistance of an experienced attorney like
Wayne D. Corry.

Attorney Wayne D. Corry is available to save you
bond fees
and secure your release from custody
(weekends and holidays included).

ONE LOW FEE includes all attorney court
appearances. With Attorney Wayne D. Corry, you’ll
never pay any additional attorney fees.

“Under Florida law, you are
entitled to appear before a
judge within 24 hours of
your arrest for determination
of probable cause and to set
a reasonable bond amount.
Having an attorney at this
hearing is critical to save
yourself bond fees or avoid
payment of bond at all.”